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Thank you for your interest in joining the Purrfurred Pet Sitters team. We are always excited to meet other pet lovers!

Please read the job description below, and then fill out our Online Application for Employment as completely as possible.
Please note:
~ Applicants are required to be at least 21 years old and make a commitment of service for a minimum of ONE YEAR.
~ Applicants are required to provide a current resumé.
~ Applicants are required to provide a Social Security number and a valid Driver’s License.
~ Applicants must agree to a required background check and drug test.
~ Applicants – and current employees – must show proof of up-to-date COVID-19 vaccinations.

Pet Care Specialist – Dog Walker Job Description

Dog walkers must be comfortable performing new client in-home consultations, which are essentially interviews, for new dog walking jobs. Walkers must also be comfortable referring to existing client care daily report cards and filling in for Pet Care Team members that are unable to service a primary client.

A window of time will be given to dog walkers marking arrival times for dog walking visits. This is typically a 2 hour window during early am, mid-day, afternoon or evening hours. Dog walking visits can range in length from 15-minute potty breaks to 45-minute walks. On occasion dog walkers may only have one walk scheduled in a day. Walkers must be willing to take on all types of assignments including overnight stays.

Time will be spent walking/exercising dogs, and ensuring potty breaks are occurring. Basic walk requests such as refreshing water, wiping paws, watering plants, getting mail/newspaper and giving treats are also included. All dogs must be kept on leash on walks. Purrfurred Pet Sitters does not herd walk. Walkers will only be walking multiple dogs if they are from the same family.

Even when it is raining dogs need to go out. Walkers must have rain gear and feel comfortable driving/walking in the rain.

Occasionally clients are home sick or working from home. Walkers must be comfortable running into clients.

Walkers will be required to check in with the office staff and software systems to confirm that everything has been completed to client specifications.

Walkers will also be required to leave detailed notes send e-mail and/or text messages inclusive of photos and/or videos to each owner upon request using Pet Check Technology. Sitters must be comfortable using an iPhone or android on the job.

Walkers must be comfortable holding keys to clients homes and take responsibility to not lose keys or lock out.

Walkers must respect client confidentiality. Friends and/or children should not be present on visits.

Due to the bonding that occurs between a sitter and animal, we require at least a ONE YEAR commitment to working with Purrfurred Pet Sitters. Employees must also be willing to attend continuing education courses as requested by Purrfurred Pet Sitters management.

All Pet Care Specialists are subject to random drug tests, which may be administered during a scheduled assignment. Because of our insurance, ALL Pet Care Specialists are banned from using recreational marijuana, medicinal marijuana, or other medications which may impair properly carrying out duties.

If you accept the requirements and responsibilities outlined above, please fill out our Online Application for Employment.

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Be sure to review the interview questions below!

Interview Questions

Do you have experience with a Professional Pet Sitting Service?
Please provide name of company.
Why do you want to be a pet sitter?
What would make you a good pet sitter?
Please list any special skills or training that you feel is relevant?
Do you have experience with pets? Which types of pets?
Do you have experience with pet illnesses? If so, which illnesses?
How would you handle a pet that showed signs of illness during a visit?
List 5 signs a pet will show when ill or depressed.
Can you administer oral medications to pets? Are you comfortable giving pets a shot?
How do you handle a depressed pet?
Can you handle the demands of walking a dog such as a large dog, walking more than one dog at a time, or a dog that pulls on leash?
What would you do if a pet got loose?
What would you do if a pet tried to bite/did bite you?
What would you do if the pet became scared or aggressive upon your arrival?
What circumstances would cause you to call the client or emergency contact?
How would you handle an alarm that you set off?
How would you handle an argumentative or complaining client?
Have you ever been convicted in ANY court of any offense, including traffic violations?
Do you have obligations that would prevent you from early morning, mid-day, or evening visits to our client’s homes?
Are you available to work on short notice?
How many work days have you missed in the last two years due to illness or injury?
How would you describe yourself in 5 words or less?